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Photos by Scott Burkhardt

Scott has been a Group Z Member for many years and is not only a skilled mechanic, but an excellent photographer. His photos capture the spirit of the Z beautifully, and this column features some of his superb camera work.

Racing, your Z, and you!

Six months after acquiring my '73 240, club member and mentor Ian encouraged me to take it to the track.
Both the car and my driving skills needed a lot of work, but what followed was one of the best experiences of my life. If you are curious about High Performance Driver Education, Road Course Racing, and Autocross, this column is for you.

Photos by Anthony Herrera

Anthony joined us at one of our monthly club board meetings and brought along his camera. A Z32 owner, true Z enthusiast, and talented behind the lens, he offered to shoot some of our members' cars. Click through for a full gallery, and click here for his Instagram page.

Paul Newman and Datsun

Going from the red carpet to pole position on the grid is an accomplishment that has yet to be repeated. Paul Newman won LeMans on merit, battled with the best in class in SCCA racing, and played a key part in building the Z's legacy of performance at the track.

The L-Engine

The beating heart within the first four Z models, the L-Engine is a stout and versatile powerplant with power and personality in equal measure. Read on to get to know the engine that defined the early Z's.

John Morton

The man who brought the Z into the pantheon of motorsport and helped secure the credibility of Japanese sports cars in the early 1970's.

Ignition - My First Z

In 2014, I bought a 1986 300ZX and it was love at first drive. Each generation has their charms and quirks but the DNA remains the same.